Home Town Zinesters

We will be selling our zines for $2 every month at Second Saturday. You will find us in the middle of the street with our milk crates, acting crazy and talking up a storm. Don't be scared to come up and start a conversation with us.

If you would like to pick up an issue from us we will be between the galleries:

Solomon Dubnick & b. sakata garo.
On 20th street between Ist and Jst.
We will be out there from 7pm-?

Fellow Zinesters From Far Away Places

Trading: We are completely open with trading our zine. We would like to set a mutual date to send it out. So if you are interested in trading, just email us and we will discuss a mutual date that we can mail our zines together.

Mailing in Your Order:
*please email us before you mail in your orders*

1. Make a clear list of what zines or items you would like.

2. Write down the price of each item and add up your sub-total.
*Whatever the price of the zine, please add an extra 50 cents to cover to cost of postage*.

3. Mail your list and cash/money order to the address on our contact page!

We will accept cash BUT, I can not be held responsible if something happens to it in the mail. Please conceal it as best as you can. Tape any coins down.*US Dollars only*
We accept money orders (US & International), they should be written out to Rachele M. Thornton.

Please do not forget to include YOUR mailing address as well.