We went to our fist zine fest last Saturday, seriously people, it was fucking amazing. We had no idea how many zinesters there were in Sacramento. We only knew of a few, but there were a ton of people there. We made some money, and spent a lot too! We donated some and got some amazing reading material. It really means a lot to us that people actually bought our zine. I still can't believe that people actually like our zines! We went there with about 40 issues, and only came back with 4! SO TIGHT! We are going to be heading to lady fest on Aug. 2nd. That should be a blast.

Thanks to everyone who helped us make this zine possible. Even though kinkos was there for us, FUCK YOU 24 HOUR KINKOS! You fucked our night up!

Thank you everyone again, so much!


So, our first issue is out, but we haven't had much feedback yet. It's hard to get people to contact you back. Second Saturday was a little rocky at first, but we got up enough courage to start talking to people. Next time, it will be a lot better, because we wont be two hours late, and we will be a little more organized :).
Our next issue is going to be ever better than the first. We will feature the Riot Grrrl manifesto in it, and even a submitted piece by a girl named Samantha. I don't want to let you all know anything else, because it will ruin it.

Please please please! If you picked up a copy of our zine at Second Saturday, or if you are one of the lucky people that we traded with. Please let us know what you think. We are still a little new at this, and we need all the help we can get.

We really want to start a confessions page as well, but no one is brave enough to email us any confessions. We really want some though! It's completely anonymous, so don't be scared!
We are heading into our second issue, and it's going to be amazing. Thank you to everyone who traded with us, or supported us with donations!

Thank you so much grrrls and bois!