If you have any stories, art work, flyers, buttons, or reviews that you would like us to feature in your zine, please send them our way!

Submitting your art through email:

Just send us an email with all your attachments. We will email you back if we are going to use it or not. And if you send multiples, we will email you back with what ones we are going to use.
Please include:
Name of piece/description:
If you would like to add anything else, just note it in the email.

Submitting your art through US mail
Please send us a non-original of your work. We don't want to be held responsible for anything that is lost in the mail. Make sure you include:
Name of piece/description:
If you would like to add anything else, just note in the package.
Please leave us a contact number, or email, so we can contact you if we are going to be using your piece or not.

For all other contact information not listed above, please visit our CONTACT page, for additional information.

Advice, Confessions, Journals

Have you been seeking advice lately, and not sure who you want to talk to about it? Do you have a funny story to tell and want more than just your friends to hear it? Or maybe you just have a crazy confession and need to get that monkey off your back. Well you are looking in the right place!

Advice Column:
Do you have a a question, that you are just not sure who you want to ask? Maybe you just want a second opinion on something? Or maybe you just want to help out your local zinesters? If you answered yes to any of those questions, YOU NEED TO SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO US NOW! We will publish your questions and Gnarly's advice in our zine. Everything you send to us is completely anonymous, so don't be scared! You can use any made-up wacky name you like, is doesn't matter to us.

We really want to feature a confessions/secret journal page. We, personally, love to read about peoples secrets and get inside their head. But we want to get our community involved. If you have a crazy journal entry send it in! It's anonymous, or we can give you credit...Whatever you want, just make sure you state that in the email. With the confessions, we don't care how happy or how mean it is...SEND IT IN!

Suggestions, comments, complaints, let us know!

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