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What is sacraWOMENto?

sacraWOMENto is a zine focusing on Feminism and sub genres such as Riot Grrrl, and activism. Sacramento seems to lack the feminist / riot grrrl subculture, and that's why we are here.

About Our Zinesters


One of the most logical and intelligent ladies you will ever come across. She is of course, our editor and our advice columnist. No matter what you end up talking to her about, she always speaks, as if it was from some sort of book. Nothing she ever says has to be repeated. If you ever want to drink coffee and have a long and meaningful conversation with somebody different, I suggest you get to know Narly..Because she will change your life.


She is our kick ass art director. Everything you will ever see that is some form of art, will be by her(unless otherwise noted). She has an eye for anything creative. She is one of the biggest riot grrls you will ever meet. A single mother and as strong as evern. She gets by on her own, and doesn't need anyone but herself to get by. Anything that you put in front of her, no matter how plain or ugly, she will make it her own, and beautiful. Be sure to look out for her amazing comics in our many issues to come.


Always know as the, 'bum on the drum', Trash seems to always find herself wondering what people think of everything. You will find her researching people/bands and artist for the zine. So there is no doubt that she is our journalist. Every time you get a random request, or strike up a conversation with a girl through our zine, there should be no second thoughts that it's Trash. She will Tear you down, and bring you back up again with the uncomfortable and wacky questions that she will ask you. Don't be shy, she doesn't bite.